Zink Timeline

Part 1

Beginning of time-present – Geology forms the valley.

About 500 B.C.-1300 A.D. – Native Americans live around Waterfall Ranch.

1620 – John Cooke, Francis Cooke, and Richard Warren sail on Mayflower to Plymouth, Mass.

1861 – Wellington Kinne Eggleston joins family in Colorado.

1872 – Wellington and wife Esther make new home at Oak Dell, east of Salida.

1874 – Lamberts, among first settlers in Animas Valley, make home at Waterfall Ranch.

1876 – Shootout at Waterfall Ranch!

1883 – Lamberts sell Waterfall Ranch to Wigglesworths.

1910 – John J. and Ida Zink bring three kids from Nebraska to Animas City.

1916 – John W. Zink (Hermosa) and Ethel Ruby Nelson (Sunnyside) born.

May 31, 1917 – John J. Zink purchases Waterfall Ranch.

Part 2

1921 – Stone house constructed at Waterfall Ranch.

1926 – Ida Dickerson Zink dies at age 45, leaving four kids under 12.

1938 – John W. and Ruby marry.

1943 – John W., Ruby and two daughters return from the Northwest, take over Waterfall Ranch.

1960 – Christmas fire destroys the stone house.

1967 – Potato farming ends at Waterfall Ranch.

1986 – John W. and Ruby move across road to new house, son Ed and family move into rebuilt stone house.

2006 – Animas River Wetlands created.

May 31, 2017 – Hundredth anniversary of Zink purchase of Waterfall Ranch.